Volunteer Spotlight: Birch Hincks

We can never get too much of Birch’s smile around the TWP office! There’s something about that smile that pervades her personality. When you need a boost of energy, being around Birch is even better than caffeine.

Thanks for everything you do for us Birch!

Birch began interning for us in January of 2011 as our Special Event Intern. Through this position, Birch successfully organized our fantastic Rhythms for the Planet auction, and plaid a major role in creating the rest of the event.

With the completion of Rhythms for the Planet in March, Birch willingly and seamlessly transitioned to a Tribal Program Internship, helping with daily projects that keep the Tribal Lands Renewable Energy Program going. We so appreciate Birch’s flexibility and desire to help!

Birch is preparing to leave Fort Collins for some new adventures, and we wish her all the best.  Thank you, Birch, for your time, dedication, and for being you!

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Journey to the Home of the Oglala Lakota

Join Trees, Water & People on a journey to the home of the Oglala Lakota for the 2011 Lakota Adventure.  From September 11th-17th we will be taking guests to the Pine Ridge Reservation to experience the strength, pride, humor and enduring culture of the Oglala Lakota. Despite hardship, the Lakota have nourished and preserved their spirituality, culture and ties with their land.

Learn about TWP’s Tribal Lands Renewable Energy Program, help build solar air heaters, and plant trees for wind breaks and shade at a local families home.  In addition, we will travel to Wounded Knee and other cultural and historical sites to learn about the Lakota culture, past and present.