Reflections on Helping to Start Native-Owned Green Businesses

Richard Fox with students
Richard Fox (right) works with some of TWP’s Native American Green Business Development students and trainers at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

by Richard Fox, Executive Director

As I sit here listening to our students at ourĀ Green Business Development Training, I am sure we have made the right decision.

For years, through our Tribal Renewable Energy Program, we have been providing Native Americans with a wide spectrum of small-scale/big-impact renewable energy and sustainableĀ home building training.Ā  We realized though that while technical skills trainingĀ isĀ important, it is not enough to get new Native owned businesses started.Ā  That is why we created thisĀ Green Business Development Training, using the Indianpreneurship curriculum developed by ONABEN, as part of our new multi-tiered approach of providing Native American students with the practical knowledge, resources, and confidence neededĀ to create their own businesses.

business trainee grads
Graduates from our most recent Green Business development Training

Beyond this training, we have also instituted a nationalĀ Business Plan CompetitionĀ that will provide the winner with up to $40,000 in start-up capital, as well as hands-on business training and assistance in things like using Quick Books, developing and implementing marketing materials and campaigns, and overall business fiscal management.Ā  As part of this effort, we have initiated ourĀ Business Start-up Mentor Program, where business professionals provide assistance to Native Americans who are in the competition.Ā  The winner of the business plan competition will have a mentor assigned to them who will work with them over the next year to get their business started and rolling along.

This way we know thatĀ at leastĀ one new Native American green business will start up every year and hopefully others will form as we continue to have more students go through ourĀ training program.

tribal programYes, this path is definitely the right decision.Ā  It has not always been an easy one to implement, and we will surely be improving each component as we move forward and learn from our experiences.Ā  But we are committed to bringing renewable energy and alternative building options to Native communities and helping them move towards energy independence as well as economic stability.

We think long-term at TWP and know our efforts will take time.Ā  But we have been working with tribal communities for more than 12 years and have established a network ofĀ Native Green TeamsĀ across the Great Plains.Ā  They will surely be our strength and core as we expand these efforts to the hundreds of other tribes looking for green jobs and a new approach to using energy and building sustainability on tribal lands.

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