Photo of the Week: Community Reforestation in El Salvador

community reforestation el salvador
A community volunteer hands out trees for a reforestation project sponsored by TWP’s Salvadoran counterpart Arboles y Agua para el Pueblo and the mayor of El Porvenir (gentleman in blue hat and sun glasses) north of El Porvenir, El Salvador.

Matching Campaign: Help Plant 10,000 Trees in Haiti!

trees for Haiti

“It is my vision that Haiti will have too many SOIL toilets producing compost and we’ll have to start exporting the compost to the Dominican Republic and to all the other countries of the world!”
– Daniel Tillias of Pax Christi Ayiti

Last year, Trees, Water & People partnered with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) and Jam Cruise passengers to plant thousands of fruit tree seeds in northern Haiti using SOIL’s EcoSan compost (human manure, aka “humanure”). These trees have matured and are now being planted. But, local community organizations and farmers’ cooperatives have asked us to do even more to help make the mountainsides of Haiti green with trees again.

We envision planting 10,000 more seedlings, hosting tree-planting days, and creating an agricultural education center that can host EcoSan workshops, agricultural exchanges, and research. The tree seedlings planted through this effort will be sold at an affordable, subsidized rate to local famers and cooperatives who will then plant them in the mountains of northern Haiti.

With your help we can make this vision a reality! Please donate today to help us plant 10,000 more trees in Haiti.

Learn more and donate >>

Corporate Partner Spotlight: joins 100% Replanted Program

smartpress logo is taking new steps in becoming an ecologically conscious and responsible company through its partnership with Trees, Water & People (TWP) and its initiative to become 100% Replanted. has made a promise to replant the equivalent amount of trees used during printing on a monthly basis starting July 1, 2012.

“Through this project we are taking our initiative to exercise environmental responsibility to the next level by making the commitment to be one of the first printing companies ever to become 100% Replanted,” says Chuck Reese, president,

Through the 100% Replanted Program trees are planted in rural communities that border protected areas of forests in El Salvador. Planting trees in Central America has several important benefits: the cost of planting is low, the trees grow quickly in the tropical climate, and the tree nurseries create jobs for local people.

About is the fastest, easiest way to buy print online. The company prides itself on world-class customer service and attention to detail with a 100% outcome guarantee. The advantage is providing a simple ordering process with fast turnaround at competitive prices. The company uses state-of-the-art digital presses with a wide selection of paper stocks, and the ability to deliver top-quality results in quantities as small as a single piece.  To see the wide variety of offerings and to learn more, please visit

To learn more about how you or your business can become 100% Replanted please email Megan Maiolo-Heath at or visit

Earth Day Challenge!

Earth Day Challenge 2012

Show your love for Mother Earth and support community tree planting projects in Central America!

For every dollar you donate, we will plant a tree in one of our community-led nurseries. When the seedlings are ready for planting, families in surrounding communities will receive the trees to plant around their homes, providing nutritious sources of fruit, nuts, and coffee. We will also plant trees in protected areas of Central America, supporting soil conservation and watershed health in some of the most deforested regions of the world. Love your Mother; plant trees today!

earth day challenge_plant trees

Thank you Project 7!

Project 7 is a cause-related company that makes everyday goods like coffee, bottled water, gum, and mints take on a deeper meaning. Project 7’s Save the Earth products help Trees, Water & People plant fruit trees with rural families in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. In 2011 alone, customer purchases contributed to TWP planting 32,986 fruit trees, benefiting over 3,200 families by giving them access to fresh fruit!

By partnering with socially-conscious companies like Project 7, we are collectively helping thousands of families and making the Earth a greener, bountiful, more healthy place to live.

The Mike Ray Memorial Forest

“When I think of Mike and forests – I think of vibrancy and the many layers of life... One tree or one person is not enough to make a forest or a community – but, when you have a bunch of trees or a group of people, then you have something special. ”

Beloved and gregarious Fort Collins resident, Mike Ray, tragically met his early death on September 10, 1999 when two young men under the heavy influence of illegal substances brutally murdered him in his home. Mike was only twenty-nine years old. Each year since then, his long-time friend, Stacey Baumgarn, has hosted a “Waffle Feed” to remember Mike and to foster the sense of community that was so important to him.

Stacey and his wife, Jennifer Davey, hosted the first Waffle Feed the year after Mike’s death, providing food for 45 friends and family. All that Stacey and Jennifer asked in return was the optional donation of $1 per person. The first year, the couple matched each $1 donation, raising $90 to plant 90 trees through Trees, Water & People (TWP). Thus began the Mike Ray Memorial Forest and the largest memorial forest TWP has planted yet. Explaining why he chose to plant trees for his friend, Stacey explains, “It really wasn’t until Mike’s funeral that I fully realized the extent and scope and richness of Mike’s life. The idea of a memorial forest as a metaphor for a person’s life is such a perfect fit!”

The annual event has grown to attract as many as 200 people, and now, in it’s 11th year, over $12,000 have been raised and more than 12,000 trees have been planted in Mike’s forest. Reflecting on his ongoing project, Stacey muses, “When I think of Mike and forests – I think of vibrancy and the many layers of life… One tree or one person is not enough to make a forest or a community – but, when you have a bunch of trees or a group of people, then you have something special. ” Thank you to all of Mike’s friends, family, and extended community for the amazing gift you have given back to the world in Mike’s memory!

You can contribute directly to the Mike Ray Memorial Forest, or begin your own memorial forest by contacting us at (970) 484-3678, toll free at (877) 606-4TWP, or by email at