Photo of the Week: Community-Based Reforestation in Action

Dn Jorge Ochoa muestra arbolito de Madrecacao de la actual producción en vivero El Porvenir

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Jorge Ochoa has worked with TWP’s partner organization, Árboles y Agua para el Pueblo (AAP), since 2007 and is often credited with the success of the nursery in El Porvenir, El Salvador, which produces more than 30,000 seedlings every year. Thank you for your dedication, Jorge!

Read more about Jorge in this Notes from the Field

Partner Update: Growing Trees of Hope in Haiti

By Leah Nevada, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods, or SOIL, is an organization that Trees, Water & People partners with to plant trees in Haiti. Here, Leah Nevada, provides an update of the 10,000 Trees for Haiti campaign that donors helped us fund at the end of 2012.

tree nursery Haiti

In February, SOIL worked with the Scouts of Haiti to plant 800 trees in the northern Haitian community of Madeline. Additionally, we worked with 35 members from seven local community organizations in Trou du Nord in the Nord’Est region of Haiti to plant almost 900 trees. We strive to ensure trees are not only planted, but also kept alive and healthy. At every planting event, SOIL provides training on how often the seedlings should be watered and how to ensure healthy tree growth.

reforestation HaitiFollow-up visits to the planted seedlings showed positive results, but also a few trees in need of more care. SOIL is now working with the Scouts on an action plan to make sure that all trees are well taken care of and SOIL agronomists have been meeting with tree growers to promote farmers’ cooperatives and farm-based businesses designed to improve rural incomes. Out of the remaining trees left at the SOIL nursery, jointly funded with Trees, Water & People, 1,500 seedlings, including many rare and native species, are being transplanted at our beautiful orchard and more tests are being done on the optimal amount of EcoSan compost (“humanure”) or urine (an important source of nitrogen!) to use. We are currently planning which types of seedlings to plant in order to reach the 10,000 tree goal.

Trees in Haiti are more than just a seed in the ground – they provide nutritious fruit for families and they prevent soil erosion and flooding. People work hard to keep these trees growing in the face of drought and grazing animals, and when the trees reach the age of bearing fruit, it’s cause for celebration!

Photo of the Week: Plant Trees, Save Lives in Haiti

children plant trees in Haiti

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In Haiti, it is estimated that only 2% of the natural forest cover remains. Rampant deforestation has caused extreme environmental degradation, human health problems, and economic turmoil.

In partnership with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL), we are working to reforest areas of northern Haiti. Our partners at SOIL work with local communities to plant trees that not only improve soil and watershed health, but also provide nutritious food and extra income for families – a win-win for people and the planet!

In this photo, local school children are helping to plant seedlings from the SOIL nursery near Labadee, Haiti. The children learn about natural resource conservation while helping to improve the land with tree planting.

To support reforestation projects please visit

(Photo provided by SOIL)

Photo of the Week: Happy Arbor Day!



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Our reforestation programs focus on establishing and maintaining tree nurseries, educating communities about the positive environmental impacts of reforestation, and strengthening economic development, both through conservation and the responsible management of forest resources. We work with existing local groups, schools, and communities in extremely low-income rural and peri-urban areas to provide guidance on how to plant, graft, and maintain their trees.

Today, we celebrate Arbor Day,  a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. The first Arbor Day was held on April 10, 1872 and an estimated one million trees were planted that day.

Celebrate Arbor day by planting trees!

Visit to make a donation to our reforestation program. May the forest be with you!  

Plant Trees for Earth Day!

children planting trees


“Ultimately, the decision to save the environment must come from the human heart. The key point is a call for a genuine sense of universal responsibility that is based on love, compassion, and clear awareness.” – The Dalai Lama

We wish you a very happy and healthy Earth Day!

Today is extra special for Trees, Water & People because we are also celebrating our 15th year of helping people and the planet. We are so thankful for the generosity of our many friends and donors who have supported our projects since 1998.

We hope you will join us in a bEARTHday celebration by helping us plant trees in Latin America! Every $1 plants a tree –> Donate here.

Help us celebrate 15 years of helping people and the planet!

bearthday campaign

Our Birthday Wish

This Earth Day, April 22nd, Trees, Water & People celebrates 15 years of helping people and the planet! Over these years we have worked with hundreds of communities across Central America, Haiti, and the United States, empowering tens of thousands of individuals to protect, conserve, and manage their most precious natural resources. This work has been challenging – we work with some of the most marginalized people in the world – but the rewards have been unimaginable. We have seen that, with the proper tools and resources, every community has the power to come together to care for their soils, forests, and watersheds.

From our very first reforestation projects on the San Carlos Malaga Farm in the Department of Suchitepesquez, Guatemala, we have grown into an organization that now manages 20 tree nurseries throughout Central America and Haiti. To date, with the help of many amazing partners, we have produced nearly 5 million trees – helping to improve soils, increase biodiversity, and maintain healthy watersheds.

reforestation program

To celebrate this Earth Day and our 15th birthday, we are raising funds for our Reforestation Program. Although we have made huge strides over the years, there is still much work to be done to bring forests back into balance.

Your generosity can help to strengthen our reforestation efforts in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti even more. Every donation made plants trees in communities that have been devastated by deforestation.

Show your love for our Mother Earth and your support for communities in need – make a donation today!


Notes from the Field: Haitian Tree Nursery Thriving

by Monica Roy and Claire Frohman, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)

haiti tree nursery

It’s January and the slightly cooler weather has made the SOIL farm in northern Haiti a very pleasant place to be! The nursery is as green as ever: full of avocado, cashew, orange, breadfruit, moringa, and mangrove trees. We have started collaborations with local community groups to plant the first batch of trees. This is the first community reforestation event of many more to come!

8 - Contemplating projectsIn addition to getting ready for community planting days, the SOIL nursery staff are also busy setting up a tracking system to document where all the trees are going to be planted. This system will allow for easy follow-up and tree care support as necessary over the coming year, as the trees get established in the ground, and will continue to do so in the many years to come, as the trees begin to green the mountainsides of Haiti!

All the trees will be planted using rich, organic compost generated by SOIL’s eco-toilets from the urban Cap-Haitien community of Shada. In order to celebrate the SOIL “poop loop” cycle of toilets to compost to tree planting, tours are being organized of the SOIL farm for Shada’s eco-toilet users.

close the loop and transform the poop
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We’re excited to provide the people of this urban community the chance to come out and see the positive impact that their toilets are having on Haiti’s environment and even more excited by the prospect of bringing our project full circle: where there is enough space and motivation, we are planning to plant some trees from our nursery in and near the households of our toilet users in Shada!

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you to all the generous donors who have supported this project.

haiti tree nursery

Photo of the Week: Trees Bring Hope to Haiti

Mesidor Adline and her family planted cashew, orange, and papaya trees with seedlings from the SOIL tree nursery in northern Haiti.
Mesidor Adline and her family planted cashew, orange, and papaya trees with seedlings from the SOIL/TWP tree nursery in northern Haiti. Learn how you can support the tree nursery at

Corporate Partner Spotlight:Green Ride Helps Customers Plant Trees

The owners of Green Ride present Sebastian Africano (center) with a check from donations made by customers who choose to plant trees when booking their rides to and from the Denver Airport.

Green Ride is a Denver Airport shuttle company serving Northern Colorado and Cheyenne/Laramie, WY. This local company goes above and beyond when it comes to “walking the talk”! We are honored to work with Green Ride and their customers to plant trees in Central America. Every time a customer uses Green Ride’s online reservation system they have the option to plant trees. With this option available, customers are able to offset the environmental impacts of their travel. To date, more than 1,100 trees have been planted!