Notes from the Field: Environmental Education in Honduras

by Claudia Menendez, International Program Coordinator

environmental education Honduras
Elementary students in Honduras learn the importance of conserving and protecting forests through an environmental education program designed by TWP and AHDESA.

At the National University of Agriculture (UNA) in Olancho, Honduras, Trees, Water & People (TWP) and our Honduran partner, Asociación Hondureña para El Desarrollo (AHDESA), have helped establish community reforestation projects and a renewable energy demonstration site. In 2011, TWP helped fund the start up of a tree nursery with 12 fruit species and 10 hardwood species, for a total of 20,000 trees. The UNA worked directly with the communities of La Florida and Sante Fe and 10 elementary schools in the area. Students were involved in environmental education classes where they learned about the consequences of deforestation and forest degradation; and,  most importantly, they learned how to be part of the solution by planting trees. The students practiced land-mapping exercises to understand how topography and hydrology work together to create ideal areas for planting. Participating schools included:

1.    Escuela de la aldea La florida

2.    Escuela de Los Ángeles

3.    Escuela de La Unión, Talgua

4.    Escuela de La Flor del Café

5.    Escuela de Buena Vista

6.    Escuela de santa Fe de Buena Vista

7.    Escuela de Jamasquire

8.    Escuela de La Jagua

9.    Escuela de Vallecito de Culmi

10.   Escuela de Pinabetales

In 2012, with funding from the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), TWP has set up a renewable energy demonstration site that includes clean cookstove models, a solar panel with water pump, and a biodigestor. The focus of the site is to provide a hands-on training center where university students can learn about the benefits of renewable energy, and how to plan and implement projects that increase access to clean energy in rural communities.

Learn more about our work with ECPA by clicking here.

environmental education Honduras 2
Students learn about reforestation through an environmental education curriculum designed by TWP and AHDESA.