Photo of the Week: Trees Bring Hope to Haiti

Mesidor Adline and her family planted cashew, orange, and papaya trees with seedlings from the SOIL tree nursery in northern Haiti.
Mesidor Adline and her family planted cashew, orange, and papaya trees with seedlings from the SOIL/TWP tree nursery in northern Haiti. Learn how you can support the tree nursery at

Matching Campaign: Help “Close the Loop” in Haiti!

reforest Haiti

We are excited to announce the launch of our 10,000 Trees for Haiti matching campaign! In partnership with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL), we are raising funds to plant 10,000 more trees in northern Haiti, an area ravaged by years of deforestation. The most exciting part: every dollar you donate will be matched!

Every one of these 10,000 trees will be planted using a mix of local soil and “humanure” from SOIL’s composting facility. By collecting and responsibly treating human waste, and then reincorporating it back into the earth with a tree seedling, we can increase soil health and productivity for Haitian farmers, and keep local waterways clean. So in supporting reforestation with your donation, you are also contributing to healthy, sustainable sanitation infrastructure in Haiti and improved livelihoods for farmers and their families!

Your donation will help to “close the loop and transform the poop!”

the poop loop

Remember, every donation will be matched dollar for dollar! Together, we can plant thousands of trees that will decrease soil erosion, provide families with nutritious fruit, and create a source of valuable income.

donate to reforest haiti

10,000 Trees for Haiti

Labadee, Haiti map
Labadee, Haiti

Together with Jam Cruise 10, Positive Legacy, and Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL), we are planting 10,000 native tree seeds today in Labadee, Haiti! This hands on project is part of Positive Legacy’s mission “to create meaningful opportunities for music fans and musicians to become active participants in reducing the environmental impact of the events we participate in, and to do something positive for the communities we visit.”

The trees will be transported to a nursery built at SOIL’s compound in Cap Haitien, Haiti and will be raised with care for introduction into communities around Northern Haiti. If every passenger and artist participates in the project by taking just a few minutes to contribute, we can easily reach our goal of planting 10,000 seedlings to start the nursery.

Haiti tree seedling
Native tree seedling

Thousands of diverse indigenous seeds will be made available for this activity, ensuring that our efforts will increase biodiversity, stabilize hillsides, improve soil quality, provide food security and create income-generating activities for the communities of northern Haiti.

Stay tuned for photos and video of the tree planting event.

Thank you to Positive Legacy, SOIL, and all the Jam Cruisers for making this event possible!