Corporate Partner Spotlight: Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients supports renewable energy on tribal lands for current and future generations!
Advanced Nutrients supports renewable energy on tribal lands for current and future generations!

Thank you Advanced Nutrients for your continued support of our Tribal Renewable Energy Program!

advanced nutrientsAdvanced Nutrients donates 1% of every dollar they earn from each of their select C.O.R.E. nutrients to our Tribal Program, helping us bring green job training and solar air heaters to Native Americans living in reservation communities.

Advanced Nutrients makes it pretty clear that they intend to do a lot of good in the world!

“Advanced Nutrients is dedicated to putting our community first. We promise to support individuals and organizations that are committed to making a difference — for our community, for society, and for the world at large. Dig deep into these pages. Get involved, get excited!”

We are honored to work with an environmentally conscious company that takes corporate social responsibility to the next level. Thanks again Advanced Nutrients!

Learn more about Advanced Nutrients “Charter of Responsibility and Ethics (C.O.R.E.)” at their website.

Photo of the Week: A New Class of Solar Warriors

Native American green job trainees
Photo Credit: Mark Boyer 2013

About this photo

Renewable energy is an appropriate technology that compliments Native American culture and their deep connection to Mother Earth. For Native communities in the American west, abundant sunlight and wind resources offer huge potential for clean energy. In the Great Plains alone, an estimated wind resource of over 500 billion kilowatt hours a year could be harvested—about 14% of the United States’ total electricity production.

As part of the Tribal Renewable Energy Program’s green job training series, nine Solar Warriors were recently trained at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Our trainees traveled from the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Crow Creek, and Northern Cheyenne Reservations to attend the multi-day battery-tied PV workshop. Congrats to the new graduates!

**Announcing** Ground Source Heat Training at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

Ground Source Heating

Trees, Water & People, the nonprofit arm of the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), has funding that will allow us to grant a scholarship to 10 trainees for our Ground-Source Heat Training, scheduled for December 15-21, 2011. We are very happy to offer this opportunity to qualified and enthusiastic candidates!

What: Ground-Source Heat Installation Training

Learn how to heat a building using the heat stored in the ground beneath it!

Where: Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, Pine Ridge, SD

Who: Ten trainees from Tribes throughout the country will join Henry Red Cloud and Trees, Water & People for this hands-on training.

When: December 15-21, 2011 (including arrival and departure days)

*You must complete the attached application to be considered for the training.*

Applications Due Wednesday, December 7

Photo of the Week: Expanding the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

The new training annex at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) will add much needed space to the RCREC campus, including larger dorms, a commercial kitchen, classroom space, and a demo room.

Great report from the National Wildlife Federation: “The New Energy Future in Indian Country”

This report highlights many of the great renewable energy opportunities available to tribes around the United States. Thank you to the National Wildlife Federation for producing such a great report!

Sponsor a Lakota family

Through friends we came to understand that Lakota people living on reservations were paying up to 70% of their income just to pay their exorbitant heat and electricity bills. To help ease this problem, Trees, Water & People has been building and installing supplemental solar heat systems for Native American families living on reservations in the Western U.S. These solar heaters save 25-35% on heating bills, and we estimate that they will stay in service for 20-30 years. Besides keeping families warmer in the winter and saving significant money, the heaters have other benefits. Many families must choose between paying for heat, food, or medicine…a choice no one should have to make. Many families use the savings from our heaters to buy more food and medicine, so the heaters help improve health and nutrition.

Many Lakota women make beautiful star quilts. They often have to move in with other family members in the winter because their homes are too cold or too expensive to heat. When families are consolidated, there is no room for work on quilts, so this important source of income is lost during the long and bitterly cold winters. Each solar heating system costs about $1,200 for all of the material and the cost of installation. Currently, we have funding that covers about $800 of this cost, so we still need to raise about $400 per heater so we can get as many installed as possible before this next winter. We’re asking our friends and supporters to consider sponsoring a Lakota family so they can receive one of this heaters. You can help at whatever level you feel is appropriate. The Lakota are struggling…and they are holders of great wisdom. They still hear the life within the land and move with their ancestors along a powerful way. We hope you will help us to preserve this important culture and these important people.