Welcome Eriq Acosta, our new National Director!

by Eriq Acosta, National Director

Eriq Acosta

We are excited to introduce our supporters to our new National Director, Eriq Acosta! He will be working closely with our partner, Henry Red Cloud, on the Pine Ridge Reservation to keep our Tribal Renewable Energy Program running strong. Here’s a little bit about him:

I am a Mexican American Indian man whose education and life have spanned throughout the United States. My passion for working with young people and families has earned me many honors and speaking engagements promoting unconditional positive regard and strength-based programs for youth and families throughout the U.S.  When doing this work of my heart,  I am transparent, authentic, honest, and passionate about modeling principled behavior. With the support from many mentors, I realized the impact that this work provides Native American communities as an inspiration and guide to re-learning and recovering “multi-generational greatness.”

Eriq Acosta
Looking beyond myself to the future!

I earned my bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and a master’s at Regis University where I excelled academically and socially. I have spent the majority of my career in the nonprofit sector: United American Indian Involvement, National Indian Youth Leadership Project, and Red Horse Nation, in urban areas and on reservations throughout the U.S. as a teacher, mentor, trainer, guide, and community member.

Currently, I hope to expand the healing work of Trees, Water & People based in Fort Collins, Colorado, by combining my gained experience throughout the years, and most importantly the wisdom of our elders. I will work to assist and learn from the many communities TWP serves, as well as to embrace the multi-generational greatness of Native American communities!

Welcome, Eriq! We know you will be a great addition to the TWP Family!

Richard Fox, Trees, Water & People’s co-founder and former Executive Director/National Director will be retiring after 19 years but will remain on staff to help Eriq transition to National Director through the end of the summer. Following his retirement, Richard will remain involved with TWP as a board member.

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TWP Welcomes New National Director

Jamie Folsom
Jamie (right) with a trainee at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center earlier this month.

We are pleased to welcome Jamie Folsom as the organization’s new National Director. Jamie will be responsible for managing our Tribal Renewable Energy Program, where she will work with Native Americans to build and install supplemental solar heaters for families and provide green job training to tribal members across the country.

Jamie is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma with a background in program management, science education, and communications. In her most recent position as Project Manager for the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, she nurtured collaborations with a wide-range of partners and conducted outreach and technical training within Native American communities.

Trees, Water & People Renewable Energy ProgramAt TWP, Jamie will use her extensive experience in community organization, research, and technical training to facilitate green business development for tribal communities wishing to invest in sustainable energy systems and affordable eco-friendly homes. She is devoted to working with Native populations to improve overall health and environmental wellness.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to work with tribal communities on environmental projects that meet their needs, honor the spirit of self-determination, and recognize the amazing talent and skills we have among us,” said Folsom. “It is an honor to work with people who understand the bigger picture.”

“The relationship between Native Americans and non-Natives has been a harsh tale,” said Richard Fox, Co-Founder and Executive Director of TWP. “While we cannot change the past, we can change the future and I know Jamie will play a key part in writing a new chapter in this relationship, built upon respect, partnership, and developing the renewable energy training and resources that will help create a powerful sustainable future for Native American communities.”

Please help us welcome Jamie!