Notes from the Field: Solar Trainees Power the SunMobile

by Claire Burnett, National Program Assistant

native american solar trainess

As part of the Tribal Renewable Energy Program’s green job training series, nine Solar Warriors were trained last week at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Our trainees traveled from the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Crow Creek, and Northern Cheyenne Reservations to attend the multi-day workshop.

During the training, students learned about battery-tied photovoltaic systems, successfully wired the SunMobile to be a mobile power station for PA systems at Pow Wows, and visited our most recent solar panel install at the KILI Radio Station to see a grid-tied PV system. The training was a great success and we thank all of our hardworking students – you guys rock!

We would also like to thank the Scoob Trust Foundation for sponsoring five scholarships for this training. In addition, we had guest instructors Stephen Kane (Kane Solar) and Steve Carroll (Namaste Solar) – we couldn’t have done it without their donated time and equipment – thank you both!

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