Intern Spotlight: Stephanie Lesar

by Pete Iengo, Volunteer Manager


Have you ever met someone who is an absolute joy to be around, smiles a ton, works hard and is willing to help out in any way they can? How about all of these amazing things at once? This is exactly what it’s like working with Stephanie Lesar.

Originally from Colorado Springs, Steph came to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University and become part of the Fort Collins’ community, all while staying close to her family.

“I just like the type of people that are around here” Steph exclaims, “and that’s actually what drew me to Trees, Water & People as well. Good people with a solid mission, that’s why I like to help out.”

And boy, does Steph help out. Starting out as a occasional volunteer, she quickly became a regular office volunteer, and then moved on to become one of our amazing marketing interns.

One of Steph’s favorite volunteer tasks is working on thank you letters. “It’s cool because it’s an easy way to help out, and I get see and be inspired by others contributions.” Steph also enjoys helping at special events like our annual fundraiser Rhythms for the Planet. “Events are super fun!” she told me.

We simply can’t thank Steph enough for her hard work and dedication to our mission!

Volunteer Spotlight: Birch Hincks, Superstar

Birch Hincks has already been our Featured Volunteer for her hard work and sparkling personality around the Trees, Water & People office. Now we get to give her another very special thanks, this time for the month of service she just spent at our project site in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Birch lived in and worked on the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), helping improve the living quarters for trainees as well as generally improving and expanding the training campus with RCREC employees Henry Red Cloud and Leo Bear. She did an amazing job of reaching out the to the Pine Ridge community, reconnecting with previous solar air heater recipients to see how they are doing. In addition, Birch travelled with Henry and his crew to conduct installations and trainings on the Great Plains. Thank you Birch…we all love you!