Bonus Day – 30% match on donations!

GlobalGiving Bonus Day

Today is a Bonus Day at! Make your donations go even farther. When you support one of our projects on GlobalGiving today, your donation will be matched by 30%. Plus, the organization with the most individual donors will receive a $1,000 bonus.

Support one of the following projects that help both people and the planet:
Sacred Earth Lodge
Solar Warrior Farm
P.S. There are only $75,000 in matching funds available, so don’t delay in making your gift today. 

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Giving!


Give the special someone in your life the “Gift of Giving” this Valentine’s Day! You can support one of our projects on by donating in honor of your Valentine. Once you make the donation, you can choose to have the card emailed, mailed, or you can print at home. Spread love!

Choose from the following projects (click on the “Gift or in honor of tab” when you get to the project page):

soalr heaters for Native American families


support organic farming for Native Americans


help build Sacred Earth Lodge

Notes from the Field: A New Season Begins in Nicaragua

by Sebastian Africano, International Director

Nicaragua tree nursery

A new season is beginning at Trees, Water & People’s three Nicaraguan tree nurseries.  The end of the year is when the nurseries are cleaned and prepared for the next season’s plantings.  We’ve bought most of our seed, most of our soil substrate, and staff have started to build the rows in which hundreds of thousands of trees will be planted.

In partnership with Proleña, TWP will grow our reforestation program in Nicaragua along three major lines in 2013.  One is producing trees for our network of Forest Replacement Associations and their farmers.  These farmers grow trees on their land to diversify their income through forest products like fruit, fuel, and in the longer term, lumber.

Nicaragua reforestationThe next line is growing trees for demonstration plots at the National Center for Biomass Energy and Climate Change Research, in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua.  We have plans in place for the creation of this new center and we are working with our partners to develop agroforestry models appropriate to the local climate, soils, and hydrology.

The third and most important, is finding ways to keep our supporters – both individual supporters and corporate partners – appraised of our progress throughout the year.  Global Giving is one great channel through which to do this, but our blog and website are other great sources of information that help us stay connected.

Thank you always for your kind support, and never hesitate to get in touch to see how you or people you know can get more involved in supporting TWP’s reforestation projects. You can reach me by email at

Happy holidays from all of us at TWP!