Corporate Partner Spotlight: Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee, a Colorado-based Fair Trade roaster, takes every step to be an ecologically conscious and responsible company. Since 2004, Allegro has replanted 2,447 trees with Trees, Water & People to offset over 489,500 pounds of paper used in day to day operations. We can’t thank Allegro enough for their corporate stewardship efforts; their business model offers a wonderful example of how companies can be extremely successful with a triple-bottom line: people, planet, profit!

Trees, Water & People’s 100% Replanted Program offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to replant trees to replenish paper used annually or for special events.

TWP has nurseries in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras dedicated to our tree planting and carbon offset programs that produce over 90,000 seedlings every year which are planted in rural communities to improve family and environmental well-being.

Community members and nursery workers in El Porvenir, El Salvador send a big thank you to Allegro Coffee for their 2011 donation!

TWP is proud to partner with a socially conscious company like Allegro Coffee who shares the vision of helping communities here and abroad.

To learn more about TWP’s 100% Replanted program please contact Megan Maiolo at (970) 484-3678 or by email at