Thank you Redwood Partners!

Redwood Partners


Thank you to our Redwood Corporate Partners who gave so generously to our projects in 2013! We are honored to work with these socially conscious businesses who believe in our mission and vision and share our hopes for a greener future.
Do you own or work for a socially responsible company? Contact Megan Maiolo-Heath at for information about how we can partner.

Corporate Partner Spotlight: 2013 tree planting

We want to thank for their continued support of our Reforestation Program in 2013! As a member of our 100% Replanted Program, has taken their environmental protection efforts to the next level, becoming the first “100% Replanted” printing company.

Since our partnership started in 2012, has replanted 4,806 trees – the equivalent of 961,200 pounds of paper! continues to keep Mother Nature in mind with every business decision they make, setting them apart as the “Green Printing Experts.” We look forward to continuing our partnership with well into the future!

To learn more about how you or your business can become 100% Replanted please email Megan Maiolo-Heath at or visit

100% Replanted

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Green Ride

Since partnering with TWP in 2012, Green Ride has supported the planting of 2,646 trees in El Salvador.
Since partnering with TWP in 2012, Green Ride has supported the planting of 2,646 trees in El Salvador.

Green Ride, a Colorado-based shuttle service, is a company that truly exemplifies what it means to be a socially-conscious and sustainable business. Not only are they greatly reducing the number of cars on the road, they also provide customers with the opportunity to plant trees when they make a reservation. Every tree planted improves water quality and local soils in El Salvador, making communities stronger and healthier.

We are honored to work with Green Ride and their customers! With more than 2,640 trees planted since 2012, this is truly an impactful partnership.

green ride logo

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Counter Culture Coffee

clean cookstove Honduras
A Justa clean cookstove replaces polluting open fire stoves, which are extremely harmful to human and environmental health.

After measuring their carbon footprint in 2009, Counter Culture Coffee made a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2015. They reached their goal much faster, achieving carbon neutrality for the entire company by the end of 2011.

We have been honored to partner with Counter Culture as they continuously work towards reaching their sustainability goals. In 2012, they offset 642 tons of carbon through our clean cookstove program. For this project, a total of 86 cookstoves were built in the community of Marcala, Honduras, benefiting 626 family members.

counter culture coffeeIn 2013, we are working with Counter Culture and one of their coffee cooperatives, COLCAFELOL, to build 85 more clean cookstoves in Marcala. These stoves will benefit hundreds of people by reducing indoor air pollution in the home and decreasing deforestation for fuelwood. In addition, the stoves will offset more than 600 tons of CO2 emissions over their lifetime.

Thank you to Counter Culture Coffee for their continued support of our Clean Cookstove Program!

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients supports renewable energy on tribal lands for current and future generations!
Advanced Nutrients supports renewable energy on tribal lands for current and future generations!

Thank you Advanced Nutrients for your continued support of our Tribal Renewable Energy Program!

advanced nutrientsAdvanced Nutrients donates 1% of every dollar they earn from each of their select C.O.R.E. nutrients to our Tribal Program, helping us bring green job training and solar air heaters to Native Americans living in reservation communities.

Advanced Nutrients makes it pretty clear that they intend to do a lot of good in the world!

“Advanced Nutrients is dedicated to putting our community first. We promise to support individuals and organizations that are committed to making a difference — for our community, for society, and for the world at large.¬†Dig deep into these pages. Get involved, get excited!”

We are honored to work with an environmentally conscious company that takes corporate social responsibility to the next level. Thanks again Advanced Nutrients!

Learn more about Advanced Nutrients “Charter of Responsibility and Ethics (C.O.R.E.)” at their website.

TWP Achieves Platinum Level with ClimateWise Program

ClimateWise Platinum Partner

On June 7th we accepted our 2012 Platinum Level award at the ClimateWise EnvirOvation event! It was great to celebrate with hundreds of environmentally conscious businesses who are voluntarily participating in this program.

Climate Wise is a free, voluntary City of Fort Collins program that is dedicated to helping local business and the environment. Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise Team helps organizations tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the quality of life in Fort Collins. The goal of the Climate Wise program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting waste reduction, energy savings, alternative transportation, water conservation, and practicing pollution prevention.

Trees, Water & People has been a partner with Climate Wise since 2007 by taking greenhouse gas reduction measures in our office including a  recycling and composting program, sponsoring Bike to Work Days, and an energy challenge.

ClimateWise poster

Office Energy Challenge Update: 8% Reduction in 2012

by Megan Maiolo-Heath, Marketing & Communications Manager
2012 office energy challenge
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In 2012, the staff here at Trees, Water & People made strides to reduce our energy consumption at our Fort Collins, Colorado office. We set a goal to reduce our energy use by 10% between December 2011 and November 2012. This involved some behavior change as well as creating awareness around how we use energy in the office. We had a real-time energy monitor installed at the office so we knew exactly how much energy was being consumed at all times. In addition, we got rid of some wasteful appliances, put signs up around the office to remind everyone to turn printers/copiers off, and every staff member installed a power strip at their work station.

All of these actions paid off: we reduced our energy use by 8% in a 12 month period, almost hitting our reduction goal. Another way to look at this reduction in energy use: we prevented the burning of approximately 1,064 pounds of coal (In Fort Collins, the rule of thumb is that it takes 1 pound of coal to generate 1 kWh of electricity).

2012 energy savings

According to Rick England, our energy consultant/guru and owner of Best Energy Monitor, “This is quite impressive given that there were 1.7 times more cooling degree days than there were in 2011.” In fact, average annual temperatures for the continental U.S. were hotter in 2012 than in any year in U.S. recorded history (NOAA, 2013) and Fort Collins felt the brunt of this heat, with record highs and devastating forest fires during the summer of 2012.

In 2013, we are going to continue this energy challenge and keep working towards our 10% reduction goal. You can learn more about the Office Energy Challenge at our website.  Stay tuned to see how we do this year!

If you are interested in a real-time energy monitor for your home or office please call Rick England at (970) 672-6903 or email

Corporate Partner Spotlight:Green Ride Helps Customers Plant Trees

The owners of Green Ride present Sebastian Africano (center) with a check from donations made by customers who choose to plant trees when booking their rides to and from the Denver Airport.

Green Ride is a Denver Airport shuttle company serving Northern Colorado and Cheyenne/Laramie, WY. This local company goes above and beyond when it comes to “walking the talk”! We are honored to work with Green Ride and their customers to plant trees in Central America. Every time a customer uses Green Ride’s online reservation system they have the option to plant trees. With this option available, customers are able to offset the environmental impacts of their travel. To date, more than 1,100 trees have been planted!

Corporate Partner Spotlight: New Belgium Brewing

solar warrior farm
New Belgium Brewing supports Solar Warrior Farm, which produces a wide variety of native and heirloom fruits and vegetables for Lakota families living on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

New Belgium Brewing is a company that exemplifies what it means to “walk the talk”. Their Local Grants Program began in 1995 when it was established that for every barrel of beer they produced, $1 would be given to non-profit organizations in the communities where they sell beers. To date, they have donated over $5 million dollars!

We are honored to be one of their grant recipients and want to thank New Belgium for all they do within our local Fort Collins community and far beyond.

A recent grant from New Belgium to our Tribal Renewable Energy Program is now supporting the employment of a “Garden Coordinator” at our newly established Solar Warrior Farm on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Thanks to this generous donation, Gloria Reyes is now employed and responsible for taking care of our 1/2 acre farm, which provides nutritious food to Lakota families living on the reservation. From all of us at TWP: Thank you New Belgium Brewing!