Stuart Conway Honored at CSU Alumni Awards

Stuart Conway, TWP’s co-founder and International Director, was honored last night with the William E. Morgan Alumni Achievement Award. This award is named for Colorado State University’s 8th President, Dr. William E. Morgan, whose participation in and commitment to the life of Colorado State University for over 30 years has significantly contributed to Colorado State’s position as a premier institution of higher education. This award is the highest honor given by the Association and is reserved for alumni who have excelled at the national or international level. The purpose of this award is to recognize a graduate of Colorado State University who has attained extraordinary distinction and success in his/her field of endeavor, whose achievements have brought credit to Colorado State University and benefit to his/her fellow citizens.

Congrats to Stuart for this award and all his wonderful achievements!!

CSU Alternative Spring Breakers go to Pine Ridge

CSU alternative spring break to Pine Ridge, SD.

This March, we were lucky enough to take a group of 13 CSU students up to the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) on the Pine Ridge Reservation for an alternative spring break.  The students were enthusiastic, smart, curious, and, best of all, very helpful, making for a wonderful trip!

A straw bale house on the property was damaged beyond repair in the flooding and will have to be taken apart.

After severe flooding severely damaged many of the buildings on our partner Henry Red Cloud’s property, where RCREC is located, there was much work to be done.  The alternative spring breakers jumped right in, helping to clean-up the horrible mess left from high and sustained flood waters.  We can not thank these students enough for their caring and compassion.  You guys are amazing and the future looks very bright with young people like you in it!

Here is an excerpt from Liz Harrison’s blog, a student who was on the trip:

Renewable energy honors traditional Lakota values and spreads hope. Trees, Water and People, the organization we partnered with for our trip, emphasizes that renewable energy is “a new way to honor the old ways” (check out their video on Vimeo). In addition, the job creation, financial independence and poverty alleviation that can be achieved with renewable energy bring great hope to the reservation. According to Richard Fox, National Director of Trees, Water, People, “Hope is our currency”.  And that is the most valuable asset of all.

To read more of Liz’s blog click here.  Also, enjoy the wonderful photos from the trip: