Notes from the Field: The Two-burner Zanmi Pye Bwa Cookstove

By Sebastian Africano, Deputy International Director

June 14, 2011: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Our Haiti team continues to innovate in response to feedback from cookstove users, who continually request a second clean cookstove to replace both traditional stoves in their household kitchens.  Like any home in the world, people use two burners simultaneously to prepare various parts of their meal at once.  Users with larger families also commonly request a larger version of our stove for bigger pots.  The two-burner stove solves both these issues at once, providing families two burners in one stove body that is 30% more efficient than a traditional cookstove.

Local Haitian tinsmiths (L to R: Revalcy Marcelin, Aril Avril, Gaston Michel, Mercilien Wilson) show off their latest masterpiece: The Two-burner Zanmi Pye Bwa Cookstove. Made by Haitians, for Haitians.

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