Sending Our Love to Chief Red Cloud

by Lacey Gaechter, National Director

Chief Oliver Red Cloud
Richard Fox (right), TWP's Executive Director, visits with Chief Red Cloud at his home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

I just got a very sad phone call from Henry – his uncle and the current Chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe has just received a prognosis that he will shortly be joining the spirit world due to complications from diabetes. Chief Oliver has opted to decline dialysis treatments, and instead returns home to live the rest of his life at home on the Pine Ridge Reservation. A healthy diet will make the rest of his time on earth longer and more comfortable. Henry is proud of his uncle for his decision to chose quality of life over prolonging his life in the hospital. He is upbeat about the rest of the time he will have with his uncle, and he asks all the Trees, Water & People (TWP) community to send good thoughts and prayers to Chief Oliver and the Oglala community that he has lead as his ancestors have for generations.

 Thank you, TWP supporters, for giving Chief Oliver the gift of heat with a solar air heater years ago. Please send good wishes to him now for comfort and love from friends and family.