Thank you Project 7!

Project 7 is a cause-related company that makes everyday goods like coffee, bottled water, gum, and mints take on a deeper meaning. Project 7’s Save the Earth products help Trees, Water & People plant fruit trees with rural families in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. In 2011 alone, customer purchases contributed to TWP planting 32,986 fruit trees, benefiting over 3,200 families by giving them access to fresh fruit!

By partnering with socially-conscious companies like Project 7, we are collectively helping thousands of families and making the Earth a greener, bountiful, more healthy place to live.

Why is cooking killing people?

Source: World Health Organization (WHO), 2002

The statistics are staggering: nearly 2 million people, mostly women and children, die each year from indoor air pollution.  Imagine cooking over an open fire, all day long, inside your home.  Cooking shouldn’t kill!

Cooking with wood over an open fire fills kitchens with smoke; smoke that contains dangerous levels of particulates and carbon monoxide. This heavy exposure has been likened to smoking five packs of cigarettes a day.  Breathing the toxic smoke from open cooking fires can lead to acute respiratory illness, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Please visit to learn how we are working to reduce indoor air pollution in Central America and Haiti.



Cooking shouldn’t kill!

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