Join us for a ZEDfest!

Trees, Water & People is a proud host site during Fort Collins’ very first ZEDfest, and we would love for you to join us!

For those of you that do not know, The FortZED Community Energy Challenge is a grassroots outreach initiative to engage and empower Fort Collins residents to contribute to the creation of a net-Zero Energy District (ZED) in the downtown area of Fort Collins, including the main campus of CSU.

WHEN: May 20th from 5:00pm-7:00pm

WHERE: TWP Office, 633 Remington St.

There will be FREE FOOD and BEER, and all are invited!

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate our community and its efforts to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency!

Hope to see you on 5/20!

TWP Goes Platinum in the Climate Wise Program

TWP has been a member of the City of Fort Collins Climate Wise Program since 2007.  Now, in 2011, we have reached the highest level within the program: Platinum Partner!

Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, the Climate Wise Team helps businesses tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the quality of life in Fort Collins.  To date, the voluntary program has over 200 business partners.  Climate Wise staff work with these local partners to implement energy, water, transportation and waste reduction programs, saving each business money while, at the same time, greatly improving our local environment.

Trees, Water & People’s 2010 Accomplishments:

  • Planted 805,093 trees = 161,000 tons of CO2
  • Built 7,909 clean cookstoves = 59,318 tons of CO2
  • Replaced 6 T-12 light bulbs with efficient T-8 bulbs
  • Installed locking outdoor mailbox so that we could seal off the draft from our mail slot
  • Saved 1,560 gallons of water a year by installing two low flow toilets
  • Installed compost bins beneath all of our paper towel dispensers
  • Relocated our bike rack to front, covered porch for safety, convenience, and to promote bike commuting