Photo of the Week: Native Students Bring Clean Energy to Pine Ridge

installing solar panels

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Our Tribal Renewable Energy Program brings Native American students together to learn about clean energy technologies such as solar electric and wind. At a training co-hosted by Trees, Water & People and the National Wildlife Federation’s Tribal Lands Program, students from the Northern Cheyenne Tribe learned how to install a grid-tied solar PV system at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

To learn more about our efforts to bring clean energy and green jobs to Native American tribes please visit our website.

(photo by Alexis Bonogofsky)

Photo of the Week: Innovation at its finest!

solar energy Honduras

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Local genius, Santos Rodrigo Opalaca, from western La Paz, Honduras, shows us how he reconfigured his radio to charge off one of our solar panels using two cell phone batteries. Innovation at its finest!

Learn more about how we are bringing solar energy to communities in Latin America at our website.

Photo of the Week: Partnership Brings Clean Cookstoves to Families in Central America

clean cookstove El Salvador

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Our partnership with the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) is helping thousands of families in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras gain access to clean cookstoves, which replace dangerous and polluting open fire stoves. Since becoming an implementing partner with ECPA on the “Improving Access to Clean Energy in Latin America” project, 1,350 cookstoves have been built.  Often times, families will decorate the stoves with tile, turning them into a beautiful centerpiece within the kitchen.

Learn more about our work with ECPA at our website!

Photo of the Week: Illuminating homes and opportunity in Honduras

boy studys by solar light Honduras

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Throughout Honduras, 2.5 million people lack access to reliable sources of electricity. Families are dependent on expensive and unhealthy kerosene lamps and candles to light their homes at night.

We are working to change this reality with solar lights that provide clean, renewable energy from the sun. These innovative products reduce daily fuel expenses and indoor air pollution associated with the continuous use of kerosene for home lighting.  By working with small businesses, women’s co-operatives, and local entrepreneurs, our solar products are reaching hundreds of isolated agricultural communities and therefore provide lighting for many off-grid families at a low-cost.

To learn more about our solar lighting program please visit our website.

(photo by Darren Mahuron 2013)

Photo of the Week: It’s all about the people!

family in Honduras

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Sebastian Africano and Benjamin Osorto meet with community members in Honduras who are currently using our solar lights. Feedback from the community is what makes our projects a success!

Photo of the Week: Solar Warriors Learn Green Job Skills

solar warriors

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Students that visit the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center learn how to harness the power of the sun to create clean energy, gaining important job skills for the green economy.

Photo by Mark Andrew Boyer:

Photo of the Week: Clean Cookstoves, Healthy Homes in Guatemala

clean cookstove guatemala

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In Guatemala, over 71% of the nation’s 14 million people are dependent on wood to cook every meal. This demand for fuelwood has put a huge strain on one of the country’s most precious natural resources: the forests. Our programs in Guatemala aim to decrease fuelwood consumption and, at the same time, improve the health of families and the overall environment.

The Emelda cookstove (pictured here) provides household cooks with two or three powerful burners, different size pot supports, a removable steel griddle, and is made with local materials for a truly appropriate solution. Every time a family cooks a meal, they conserve wood and reduce deadly indoor air pollution. A win-win for people and the planet!

Photo of the Week: Community-Based Reforestation in Action

Dn Jorge Ochoa muestra arbolito de Madrecacao de la actual producción en vivero El Porvenir

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Jorge Ochoa has worked with TWP’s partner organization, Árboles y Agua para el Pueblo (AAP), since 2007 and is often credited with the success of the nursery in El Porvenir, El Salvador, which produces more than 30,000 seedlings every year. Thank you for your dedication, Jorge!

Read more about Jorge in this Notes from the Field

Photo of the Week: El Salvador Tree Nursery in Full Bloom

tree nursery el salvador

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Our nursery in El Porvenir, El Salvador is in full bloom! Michel enjoys caring for the trees with her mom, María, who works at the nursery. Michel is holding a Golden Trumpet (cortez blanco), an important timber tree in Latin America and also a popular ornamental.

We love to see the future environmentalists of El Salvador planting trees and caring for the local environment!

Learn more about some of the tree species we plant at our website.