Corporate Partner Spotlight: World Centric Supports Cookstoves in El Salvador

Clean cookstoves, like the one pictured, replace open fire cooking, a major contributor to deadly indoor air pollution and deforestation in Latin America.
Clean cookstoves, like the one pictured, replace open fire cooking, a major contributor to deadly indoor air pollution and deforestation in Latin America.

World Centric is a socially responsible company that provides zero waste solutions to reduce environmental impact.  They envision a world where everyone’s basic needs are met with a beneficial impact on the environment. In order to be a self-sustaining organization, World Centric began selling Fair Trade products and compostable products in 2005. Since 2009, World Centric has offset all its carbon emissions from raw material to delivery, given at least 25% of its profits to grassroots social and environmental organizations (38% in 2011 and 90% in 2012) and offered discounts to schools and non-profits. World Centric became a certified B-Corp in 2010 and converted to a California Benefit Corporation in May 2013.

Carbon Offset Impact

As part of their annual carbon offsetting activities, World Centric recently made a donation to Trees, Water & People’s Clean Cookstove Program to offset 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide by supporting the construction of 260 clean cookstoves in western El Salvador, positively impacting the health and well-being of 600 people.

In Latin America, there are still millions of families who are dependent on wood to cook every meal, creating environmental and human health problems throughout the region. TWP’s clean cookstoves are designed to reduce indoor air pollution by up to 80 percent and cut fuelwood use in half. Field research using Kitchen Performance Test methodology have shown that TWP’s Justa cookstove reduces carbon emissions by an average of 1.65 tons a year over traditional stoves.

“World Centric is a company that is not driven by profit, but by doing good in the world. We are deeply moved by the current social inequalities and the impact on the environment. We also understand that we are part of the economic/political system that creates and perpetuates these issues. Supporting clean cookstoves  is a very small way we can offset our impact both socially and environmentally.” – Aseem Das, Founder and CEO of World Centric

We are honored to work with World Centric to improve livelihoods and the environment in El Salvador. World Centric’s commitment to social responsibility, and their long history of acting on those commitments, sets an example for all businesses. To learn more about World Centric please visit their website: 

World Centric logo

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