Sending Our Love to Chief Red Cloud

by Lacey Gaechter, National Director

Chief Oliver Red Cloud
Richard Fox (right), TWP's Executive Director, visits with Chief Red Cloud at his home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

I just got a very sad phone call from Henry – his uncle and the current Chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe has just received a prognosis that he will shortly be joining the spirit world due to complications from diabetes. Chief Oliver has opted to decline dialysis treatments, and instead returns home to live the rest of his life at home on the Pine Ridge Reservation. A healthy diet will make the rest of his time on earth longer and more comfortable. Henry is proud of his uncle for his decision to chose quality of life over prolonging his life in the hospital. He is upbeat about the rest of the time he will have with his uncle, and he asks all the Trees, Water & People (TWP) community to send good thoughts and prayers to Chief Oliver and the Oglala community that he has lead as his ancestors have for generations.

 Thank you, TWP supporters, for giving Chief Oliver the gift of heat with a solar air heater years ago. Please send good wishes to him now for comfort and love from friends and family.

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18 thoughts on “Sending Our Love to Chief Red Cloud”

  1. Henry, you probably don’t remember me and Rirchard we have
    never met but I did a story for Alternative Gifts International
    when you first started the solar work. I have never forgotten.
    Henry, I send you my prayers and good wishes for your uncle and
    your family. I am in South Africa now but hope to see you again
    when back in the states and to meet you Richard.

  2. My dad is Oglala Sioux and said we came from the same people/family as Oliver Red Cloud and Chief Red Cloud. I had mixed feelings about that. My family (on my mom’s side) were the “hostiles” (labeled by the gov.) who ended up on the Fort Peck Res. because we would not settle down in South Dakota and Canada. Never knew we were related to the Red Cloud tiospiya and never got to speak to Oliver Red Cloud, but I wish him well during this time. Dialysis is hard on people even tho it prolongs life. We lost a mother on dialysis who had diabetes. Not a way to go. Our prayers are with Oliver Red Cloud
    … we know what he will be going through.

  3. Prayers to Cheif Oliver to spend his last moments with loved ones and those who matter most. Prayers to his family for strength and comfort for the days ahead and the days after. Be well.

  4. My prayers are with Chief Red Cloud and his family. I am Minister Janet Plotke I am the sixth great granddaughter of Chief Joseph Brant of the Mohawks (Canada). I believe in the old ways, and in the soft love of mother earth to comfort us. Just last year in May we lost my only sister to Leukemia, and though we tried to do what we could to comfort her through Chemo, she was happier without all of the modern medicines. Just as she has started on her journey to the next life on the swift wings of a hawk I wish your journey will be as swift and loving. May you enjoy the time you have left with your loved ones, and let them know that you will always be a strong spirit in their lives and those who loved and respected you.
    May you live strong and true, and start your journey knowing that you made a mark in this world, and will be welcomed with loving arms into the next from the grandfathers before you. You will be sorrowfully missed, and it is a blessing to know of you. May the spirits watch over you and yours for the rest of your days.
    Bless you.
    Minister Janet Plotke

  5. Prayers to Chief Oliver Red Cloud and Family. May the love from family give you strength and serenity during this time from Red Cloud Tiospaye. Our Maternal Grandmother (late Emily Clown) is the daughter of Many Horses who is a daughter of first Chief Red Cloud and Many Horses had another name too that is on the family genalogy.. She honored my mother, (late Elsie Clown-Slidesoff) with her Indian name Taninyan Najin Win in a becoming of a woman ceremony and made 100 prs of beaded moccasins for her giveaway at the naming ceremony recalled by My mother. I have always wanted to meet the family. Prayers to all my Relatives! Mita Kuye Oyasin! .

  6. we send our love,our prayer, Dialysis is very painful,my family,some my friends stopped taking dialysis for these reasons indian country do have epidemic of diabities,myne are gone now to spirit world,many in past few months im sorry it hurt so bad we send our thoughts at this sad time!! love tena! it hurts

  7. Many prayers to the family. May the journey to the ancestors be a good and easy one. Know that you have touched many lives and left your mark here for the next seven generations. I am honored to have the chance to send prayers your way.

  8. Many blessing to you and your family. May you have the best days of your life Right Now. May they be fill with love,peace,joy,laughter and light. May all that you have be pasted down to many generations to come…May your journey to the spirits be a blessed one. ❤

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with the Chief, family and friends. The Great Spirit will be gaining a very important member when you join with them. Love and Light…

  10. I am honored to be able to pray for your remaining earthwalk and your coming journey may you find peace

  11. for you do not know me , or i know you , but in this world we are all related , i give you my prayers and may you walk with the great spirit in eternity , as i pray i’ll send my message with sacerd sage in your honor , go in peace my freind …. thank you for all you have done in this life i know you were great …
    Mark Creek / AKA/ Mogie / AKA/ Twoclouds

  12. I pray that this is NOT too late. I met Chief Oliver Red Cloud in ‘1992 at the large Pow Wow there. I am from Conn. and I was honored to meet him and his family .I pray that Chief Oliver isn’t in pain and will go to His God in peace . He opened my eyes up to a lot of things concerning your heritage
    and gave me a great respect for your people. I have often thought of him within the last yr. I don’t expect him to remember me if he is still with you, I came with a woman name Prarie Walker as she got her name while we were there . I just want to wish hime well in my way.

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