Happy International Women’s Day!

by Megan Maiolo-Heath

Today is International Women’s Day, an important time for us to celebrate the powerful force that women play in every aspect of our lives; this is a day to celebrate women’s equality and achievements.

Much of the work we do at Trees, Water & People centers around making women and their children healthier. To do this work, we collaborate with women leaders in every country we work in. These women are leaders because they are never afraid to address difficult problems facing their communities. These women work together to provide the best quality of life for their families using the resources available. Whether we are working together to bring clean cookstoves to a community, planting fruit trees on a family farm, or building solar heating systems on a Native American Reservation, I can guarantee there is always a smart, hard-working, and courageous woman behind the scenes helping to lead the charge!

So, to all of the women in the world: Happy International Women’s Day! Let us all come together to celebrate today, and every other day, each and every woman that is special in our lives.

Read this great article from EcoWatch to learn more about “12 innovations that are helping women get access to credit, improve their incomes, feed their families, introduce sustainable crops to markets, and reduce rural poverty.”

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

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