Featured Volunteer: Kari Lanphier

by Pete Iengo, Keeper of the Office and Volunteer Coordinator


Kari Lanphier_Featured Volunteer
Kari plugging away at her work, always with a smile!

A huge part of who we are at TWP is directly attributed to our wonderful volunteers and interns. This month’s featured volunteer, Kari Lanphier, exemplifies the commitment and caring spirit that every organization dreams of having in a regular volunteer!

In August 2010, Kari moved to Fort Collins to study geology at Colorado State University.  It was her first day in town when she stopped by our office: “I’ve heard of you guys, and I like what you’re doing.  How can I help?”  And so the Kari era begins…

Over a year later Kari is still volunteering, and she is more committed and skillful than ever.  Starting out as our Regular Office Volunteer, Kari quickly morphed into a more complex role as Development Intern, where she manages much of our media and data files.  Her work at TWP compliments her class work too.  Kari takes the hard skills she learns here and applies them directly to her course of studies.

When Kari takes a break from her studies and volunteer efforts, she likes to spend time exploring the outdoors, rock climbing, backpacking, and learning about new things.  It’s the hunger for knowledge that drives Kari, she exclaims, “I want to keep learning and finding things I am good at so I can teach others and pass that knowledge along.”

After school Kari wants to work in geology and spend some time in Pacific Northwest with her future Husky dogs, Nanook and Cookie.  Wherever Kari ends up one thing is for certain: she is an unstoppable bundle of knowledge and spirit who will be a true asset to whatever endeavor she takes on.

From all of us at Trees, Water & People, thank you Kari for being a strong member of the community, a friend, and an amazing human being!

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