Notes from the Field: A Vision Unfolds

By Pete Iengo, TWP Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

August 11, 2011: Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Day 3 of the Straw Bale Workshop, Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

Celebrating walls, a roof, and a long days work!

Today we started the day off by stacking the final bales up to the roof and stuffed all the gaps that were between the rest of the bales.  Finally we are ready to have a mud party!    We started on the inside.  The first plops of mud were slapped on by Henry and his grandsons.  It felt appropriate that this process was initiated across Lakota generational lines.  This very well could be an excellent community-based, sustainable solution for people on the reservation.

The rest of us were quick to join in…; its a lot of fun slapping mud on to the house.  There was no shortage of mudders, because well, it’s so fun!  The whole day there was lots of friendly mud slinging, slapping and hand printing.

Standing inside of the house mudding all day allowed you to feel how efficient it will be…; it is nice and cool!  The windows and door are strategically placed, according to the vision of Henry Red Cloud’s father.  The entire design was passed along to Henry orally and memorized so that it could be rebuilt one day.  That day is upon us.  It us humbling to be here and see the vision unfold.  This house is the seed of a vision that will help people across Indian Country; a prototype for a sustainable housing solution here on the rez.

You can contribute to sustainable housing on tribal lands by clicking here!

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