Donate to the Pine Ridge Reservation Coat Drive


Aiden Stolz holds a load of newly donated jackets.

Aiden Stolz, a six year old from Fort Collins, Colorado, went to the Pine Ridge Reservation earlier this year to volunteer with TWP, and the visit had a very lasting impression.  Aiden was exposed to the harsh living conditions at Pine Ridge, one of the poorest communities in the country.  He was particularly upset with boarded up houses that failed to fully cover people’s windows.  Once the harsh winter of the Great Plains hit, Aiden knew people would be struggling to stay warm.

In response to what he saw, Aiden decided to start a coat drive, with the goal of collecting 500 jackets for families at Pine Ridge by December 11th.  So far, he has received 338 coats from friends, family, classmates, and perfect strangers.

Now, we would like to spread the word about this amazing little boy and how you can help the people of Pine Ridge.  Many of us take a heated house for granted, but on the reservation day-to-day survival is all that is on people’s minds.  Aiden hopes these jackets will help families get through the brutal South Dakota winter and we hope you can help!

There are multiple local drop-off locations for Aiden’s coat drive.  Please visit the following places in Fort Collins to donate:

Trees, Water & People                                McGraw Elementary School

633 Remington St.                                        4800 Hinsdale Dr.

Fort Collins, CO 80524                                  Fort Collins, CO 80526

If you live outside Fort Collins and would like to help families stay warm this winter, you can send coats to our partner Henry Red Cloud at the following address:

Lakota Solar Enterprises

1001 Solar Warrior Rd.

Highway 18

Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770

After the coat drive ends, Aiden and his family will drive to Pine Ridge to distribute the winter jackets with the help of Henry Red Cloud, owner of Lakota Solar Enterprises.  Please consider a donation to this important cause!

Aiden and Henry Red Cloud hanging out at the TWP office.

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

6 thoughts on “Donate to the Pine Ridge Reservation Coat Drive”

  1. Thank you for allowing us warmth and kindness. I have gone ahead and enlisted the sharing community of my facebook family to post items to Henry Red Cloud on December 8th. As I am a guest in this country I have yet to get comfortable with asking around in Arkansas but hope this way we can assist. May we all share warmth this winter and every season our Mother Earth provides us. Arohanui Anakahlia.

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness and support Arohanui! We are thankful for you sharing this important fundraiser with your community of friends!

    Many thanks,
    Megan Maiolo
    TWP Social Marketing Coordinator

  3. Aidan is our great grand son & we are very proud of him & his family for the effort they have all made in behalf of Americans who are in great need.
    Richard & Betty Porter
    Longmont, CO

  4. I live at Talequah Oklahoma and would like to find out how to ship some coats, kids clothes, and other gently used clothing items for winter. PLease e mail me on how to go about getting them shipped to you. thanks and God bless you.

    1. Hello Shannon,
      You can send these donations to our office:

      Trees, Water & People
      633 Remington St.
      Fort Collins, CO 80524

      Thank you so much for your caring and generosity!

      Megan Maiolo-Heath

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