Featured Volunteer: Zach Vander Meeden

Zach Vander Meeden, TWP Volunteer & Marketing Intern

In Zach’s tenure as a Trees, Water & People volunteer, he has lent a hand with anything that we needed, from researching the carbon offset market to shoveling a foot of snow out of our parking lot and assembling furniture. We can count on Zach to help at special events, outside of his regular volunteer duties. Great with a shovel and always good-humored, Zach has been an amazing help and a pleasure to have as a volunteer. Most recently, through his work at Best Buy, he won the $1,000 Tag Team Award for Trees, Water & People. This award recognizes the volunteer efforts of Best Buy employees by financially supporting the organizations where employees volunteer. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to Trees, Water & People, Zach, and thank you for taking your dedication one step further by applying for (and winning!) the Tag Team Award to support our programs!

“Volunteering with TWP has definitely been a highlight of my life since moving to Fort Collins two years ago. Not only are the people who work there awesome and extremely friendly, but even in a volunteer role, you can see the difference that TWP’s programs make in the lives of those that they serve. Every penny that goes through the nonprofit is put to work. I’m honored to be associated with such an exceptional organization like TWP.”

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

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