Featured Volunteer: Tia Thompson

Tia Thompson, TWP Tribal Development Intern and Volunteer

Tia started as a volunteer with Trees, Water & People in the summer of 2009. Since then, she has been a versatile and invaluable part of our team, always willing to help wherever possible.  This September, Tia came as a volunteer on TWP’s first Lakota Adventure, and once again proved indispensable, taking over food preparation and tech support.  While the Adventurers enjoyed tours of South Dakota, Tia stayed at camp to catch up on the school work she was missing to be with us (not to mention making sure food was piping hot when guests returned to camp).  We can’t thank you enough Tia!

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

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