Updates from Guatemala

The hurricane season this year has had no mercy on Guatemala, and with November being several weeks away there is still fear of what may come. In June, hurricane Agatha pummeled the country leaving its mark. A mysterious gaping sinkhole 18 meters wide and 100 meters deep opened up in the middle of a neighborhood in Guatemala City, roads were washed out, bridges collapsed, and thousands of homes and farmlands in our TWP community of Tiquisate were inundated, leaving many homeless.  In collaboration with Leonel Jarquin, Mayor of Tiquisate and our long-time partner, TWP was able to assist 2,915 families with emergency food baskets that included corn flour for tortillas, oil, beans, rice, sugar, salt, juice, and water. Mayor Jarquin visited 9 communities to deliver the food himself and examine the gravity of the situation.  The difficulty will be dealing with the food shortage to come in the dry season from the many crops lost due to massive flooding.  In late September, Guatemala is still on high alert due to heavy rain damage, flooding and landslides around the country, including on main road routes. After this destructive rainy season Mayor Leonel and team will have extra work to do replanting many fruit trees that were damaged by the floods that swept through Tiquisate.

Please visit www.treeswaterepople.org to learn more about our work in Guatemala.

Mayor Jarquin delivering emergency food baskets.

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