Colorado Answers the Challenge to Help Haiti

Trees, Water & People is continuing its crusade to help Haitians recover from the devastating January earthquake. By participating in the July GlobalGiving Green Open Challenge, they hope to raise enough money to provide 1,344 fuel-efficient Rocket stoves to families struggling to rebuild their lives after the disaster.

Josanie Lafortune cooking on her fuel-efficient Rocket stove. Lafortune lives in the Cineas Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Port-au-Prince where she cares for her three grandchildren. Some days, there are as many as six family members living in her small tent. (PHOTO BY Ray Tollison, 2010)

The Green Open Challenge hosted by GlobalGiving ends this Friday, July 30th. Trees, Water & People’s project, 1,344 Stoves for Haitians Displaced by Earthquake, is currently in 7th place among 38 competing charities. The nonprofit is working hard to secure a place in the top three in order to win cash bonus awards of up to $14,000. To learn more or donate, please visit or

Two Colorado photographers, Colby Brown of Denver, Colorado and Ray Tollison of Fort Collins, Colorado, recently returned from Haiti where they had the opportunity to witness Trees, Water & People’s Rocket stove project in action.

“The stove beneficiaries we met in the tent camp have lost everything,” said Tollison. “These stoves make a difference every day by allowing them to simply prepare food for their families in a more efficient, healthier and cost-effective way.”

Brown and Tollison have teamed up to create “Lespwa Haiti – A Work in Progress,” a five-year photographic project about Haiti and efforts to rebuild in the wake of the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Their goal is to use visual imagery to keep Haiti in the spotlight by featuring the efforts of smaller non-governmental organizations, like Trees, Water & People, that are working tirelessly to provide relief and rebuild the country. Photos from their Haiti trip can be viewed online at or

“Our goal with Lespwa Haiti is to move people to action,” said Brown. “Today, our call to action is to support Trees, Water & People in the GlobalGiving Green Open Challenge and get more stoves to Haiti.”

About Colby Brown

Colby Brown is a professional photographer and freelance photo-journalist specializing in nature, travel and humanitarian photography. In 2009, Brown founded The Giving Lens, a non-profit organization that uses photography to raise awareness and funds for organizations working to combat social, economic and development issues around the world. Brown was a photography instructor for National Geographic Student Expeditions and currently does freelance work all over the globe. His clients have included: The Sierra Club, The Red Cross, National Geographic and various other publications worldwide. When out in the field, Brown often donates his services to smaller non-profit organizations and charities. Visit for more information and work from Colby.

About Ray Tollison

Ray Tollison currently works for World Relief helping to document its programs in the United States and around the world. In 2009, Tollison traveled to Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, and Rwanda. His first assignment to Haiti was immediately following the earthquake when he was sent to document World Relief’s disaster relief efforts. In addition to being a photographer, Tollison is also an artist and graphic designer based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is the co-founder of Think Compassion a small non-profit that provides scholarships to children attending primary school in Rwanda. Visit for more information and work from Ray.

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

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