AMURT Helps with Stove Distribution in Haiti

Haitain women attend a cookstove training session led by AMURT

The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) has been working to distribute Rocket stoves, donated by Trees, Water & People (TWP), to internally displaced Haitians.  These energy-efficient, low-cost cookstoves are used by displaced Haitians for cooking as well as boiling contaminated water.   AMURT has helped with distribution of hundreds of stoves as well as the training for proper stove use and maintenance.

AMURT volunteers hold a cookstove demonstration for a group of Haitian women

TWP’s Assistant International  Director Sebastian Africano and TWP representative Claudia Menendez will be traveling to Haiti within the next couple of weeks to distribute another 2,688 stoves.

A fuel-efficient Rocket stove sits next to a traditional open-fire stove

TWP has a goal of distributing 100,000 more fuel-efficient cookstoves throughout Haiti over the next seven years as well as setting up a manufacturing process within the country.

For more information on how you can help click here.  A small donation of $20 can provide a family with a stove for years!

AMURT volunteers show Haitian women how to use their new Rocket stoves
A Haitian woman learns how to cook on her new Rocket stove

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