Updates from Haiti: 200 Rocket Stoves Distributed to Internally Displaced Haitians

Haitian women recieving their new StoveTec stoves donated by Trees, Water & People

Our partners in Haiti are currently working to distribute fuel-efficient Rocket stoves to Haitian families who are in dire need of cooking supplies.  Carlito Amboise, TWP’s representative in Haiti, has been working in Port-au-Prince at a camp with 1,200 families.  He has distributed 200 stoves throughout the camp, earning the nickname of “stove guy,” with people inquiring about the stoves frequently.  Carlito has reported a very positive response to the Rocket stoves and people are adapting well to these new cooking devices.  However, training and follow-up are crucial; Carlito has already hired an assistant to help with these monitoring procedures.

Demand for stoves are high in these camps, especially when we consider the families cooking needs.  Each family cooks on two burners, so even with one Rocket stove we are only fulfilling half of the need.  Due to the scarcity and price of charcoal (about $1/day), the Rocket stoves have become a crucial part of the recovery efforts.  These stove models, designed by StoveTec, have cut fuel costs for some women in half.

We are very encouraged by Carlito’s updates and the positive response he has received from Haitian families using these stoves.  The next shipment of 1,300+ stoves will be arriving in Haiti within the next three weeks, and we hope to distribute these quickly and efficiently so even more families can cut down on fuel expenses and feed their families warm meals.

Stay tuned for more updates on TWP’s work in Haiti!  If you are interested in helping the stove program you can make a donation by clicking here.

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