Help TWP and StoveTec Send Hundreds of Stoves to Haiti

Click here to donate a stove to a Haitian family in need!

Trees, Water & People and StoveTec are raising money to deliver clean-burning stoves to Haitians in need!  The two organizations have combined resources to get Rocket stoves to Haiti as soon as possible, with the first shipment of 432 stoves arriving tomorrow.  These stoves burn up to 70% cleaner than the open fire, substantially reduce deforestation, and provide a healthier environment for cooks and their families.  Since the devastating 7.0 earthquake hit two weeks ago, the need for fuel-efficient stoves in Haiti has elevated dramatically.  With these stoves, Haitians will be able to sanitize water and provide hot meals to their families in a safe, efficient and healthy manner.


We are pleased to have the UN World Food Program distributing the first shipment of Rocket stoves for Trees, Water & People tomorrow, but we can’t stop there!  We have begun a joint fundraising drive to send a second shipment of StoveTec’s 2-door Charcoal/Firewood hybrid stoves to Haiti.  Our goal is to fill a 20 foot container with 1,344 stoves.  For only $20, you can provide a full service solution to a family in need, including the stove, transportation, warehousing, as well as stove placement and tracking.  Please join us in this important cause!

Please visit to learn more about StoveTec’s work.

For more information about Trees, Water & People please visit

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Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable community-based conservation solutions.

6 thoughts on “Help TWP and StoveTec Send Hundreds of Stoves to Haiti”

  1. Well done and very much needed for the Internally Displaced Haitians.
    But also have in mind that these stoves are produced in China and there is a desparet need of employment for young people in Haiti.
    On the other hand only 2% of the forest remain on Haiti and wood shortage is a fact. Thats way any type of dry biomass should be introduced as fuel for cookingstoves, like the TLUD ND (Top Lid Up Draft Natural Draft) Peko Pe, which can utilize any type of dry biomass as fuel.
    In the future, charcoal should be replaced by any type of dry biomass as fuel in efficient and clean burning cooking stoves like the TLUD`s.
    Good luck!

  2. 14 March 2010
    Friends and I have previously worked with Rocket stoves in northern Haiti, using a ubiquitous 5 gallon plastic bucket, modified. We achieved good performance, but Haitian women seemed reluctant to adopt it, usually because it required more contstant attention to feed new sticks for fuel. The charcoal habit seems hard to break, despite it’s increasing cost and obvious ecological drawbacks!
    I was wondering what success you’ve had “on the ground” since introducing the Chinese pre-fab model in January. Once I get an update, I would be interested in donating to your worthwhile project.

    Dr. Arch Woodard

    North Carolina

  3. Iam sure Dean Still can.
    We can assist you in bulding something even better, TLUD ND Peko Pe.
    Its already there in Port au Prince, just waiting to be multiplied………..

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