Updates Direct from D.C.


Jon Becker, TWP’s Board President, has been sending us updates from Washington, D.C.  Check out the great news from D.C.!

9:23am Tues. 11/27

This morning Jon Becker, TWP’s Board President, took a moment to tell us:
“We just finished a very positive meeting with the Department of the Interior. We are now headed to the Capitol to meet with Representative Markey.”

Followed by:
“We had two great meetings – Representatives Markey and Polis. Both want to support our programs and offered letters of recommendation for our Department of Labor Proposal.”

Keep these success stories coming, Jon!

1:09pm Tues. 10/27

We have received some more updates from Board President Jon Becker!

“Just finished meeting with South Dakota Rep. Herseth-Sandlin. She’s excited and enthusiastic. She wants to come visit the energy center.”

Sounds like Henry, Jon and Richard are keeping busy in Washington!

2:24pm Tues. 10/27

Some more from Jon Becker:
“We met with the office of Sen. Jon Tester of Montana. He’s an organic farmer and good supporter of alternative energy. We will be allies. One more meeting to go.”

10:00 am Wed. 10/28

We just received a new update from Jon!

“We’ve had three Wednesday morning meetings with Senators Conrad, Baucus, and Udall.  All very welcoming. Baucus’ aide was native. Mark Udall joined our meeting. “I’m inspired!” he said. So are we.”

Great to hear from Jon this morning!

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